Check out these frequently asked questions, to make the most out of your Amsterdam Boat Tour and Adventure.

Do I need to pre-purchase a ticket for the boat tours or can I just show up?

  • We highly recommend making a pre-booking through our websites booking system. Alternatively you can also call to make a reservation and then pay for the boat tour in cash or by card on the boat.

What time should I be at the meeting-point?

  • We recommend to be there 10 minutes before departure!

What happens if we are late for the boat tour?

  • The public tours sail on time, so if you are late your booking is unfortuantely void. Please check the date/time listed on your confirmation e-mail carefully; it is your responsibility to keep this appointment. Full price will be charged for no-shows.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

  • Yes you can. However we also sell reasonably priced beer, wine, soft drinks and water on board.

Is there a toilet on board?

  • No, we don’t have a toilet onboard. So we recommend to go to the toilet before you hop on board. In case of an emergency we can stop at a public toilet or bar.

Do you have life west on board?

  • Yes we have life vest for adults and also children.

What about the weather?

  • In case of rain we have a rain canopy with see through windows, that the Captain can pull up, so everyone can stay nice and dry. It can be a little bit colder on the water, so we recommend that you bring enough warm clothes. We also have blankets available.

Do you cancel the tours due to bad weather?

  • We only cancel the boat tours if there is a serious weather warning, which luckily happens very rarely. If we cancell the tour, you'll receive a full refund.

We are a group of 13 people. can you squeeze an extra person on the boat?

  • No. We are sorry to say that our Amsterdam boat tour permit only allows us to take 12 people onboard. We could squeeze a dog on though.

Do you offer Smokers friendly boat tour?

  • As Amsterdam is famous for it’s relaxed Cannabis and Coffeeshop culture, we offer special private tours where you are welcome to bring along and enjoy the smoke of your choice.